why united states of america is the full name of united states

well,america does not mean “a country in north america that is named for amerigo vespucci” united states of america was indirectly named after amerigo vespucci. thirteen states united in the new world. the common name for the new world at the time was america (the new world was named after amerigo vespucci),thus thirteen united states of america. the word thirteen was removed from the full name. in addition,america is not the short-form name of united states of america. that would be united states. united states is the presidential seal and UN name seat. United states is also how yakko and lisa (animaniacs and electric company,respectively) both refer to our county. and no one says  “The continents of the world consist of Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Antartica and America. ” while there are people who say there are 6 continents. when america is considered 1 continent,oceania is generally considered a continent,not australia. in most language versions of wikipedia (except english),oceania (or that language’s cognate of the name) is considered a continent,not australia.  i firmly believe there are 5 continents

asia (area:44,579,000 km2 )

america (area:42,549,000 km2)

africa (area:30,370,000 km2 )

europe: (area:10,180,000 km2 )

oceania: (area:8,525,989 km2 )