america is a continent,not a country

america the continent was named after amerigo vespucci. the name was given by valdseemuller. continents are a convention,not a reality.  when people call themselves american,i don’t assume what country they’re from. hondurans are as american as people from the US are. the USA needs a better name. one canadian named john is not offended to be called american. let’s have a contest to see who can come up with the best new name for what is currently the USA. So far,there’s Usonia,Unisia,and the latin one,terra diverse. i believe there are five continents:asia,america,africa,europe,and oceania. Felipe Contreras believes something similar,but uses australia,not oceania. continents are a convention,not a reality. i believe australia is nothing more than a country,and the largest country in oceania,and the largest island country,and largest island. I believe antarctica is not a continent,due to being uninhabited. it is not an island either. it is an archipelago. There is no official definition of country. Tell Alfred F. Jones (hetalia) to stop calling himself america and to call himself beikoku,a term used in japan to refer specifically to the country between canada and mexico.